Who we are

Our story began in 2003, when Sister Phylis Peters, Daughter of Charity, founded the project. Proyecto Juan Diego was granted a 501(c)(3) status in that same year. She had spent ten years in Ethiopia and when she returned she wanted to dedicate her work to the most impoverished, within the Hispanic community and in an interdenominational setting. In 2004, a year after its foundation, a survey of about 800 families was done to ascertain the needs of Cameron Park. Today, Proyecto Juan Diego's operations have grown immensely to over 30 employees and continue to serve an increasing number of less fortunate families in surrounding communities and neighboring cities.


Our Vision

Educating, Engaging & Empowering Families for the Future.


Our Mission

To Empower low-income families to be healthy and self-sufficient community members through educational programs, family activities and preventative health services.



Educational Programs, Family Activities, Preventative Health Services, and Advocacy



Humility, Respect, Hard Work, Sacrifice, Listening, and Reflection


What We Do




From after school programs to GED and citizenship classes, our education classes cater to individuals in all age groups including children, youth, adults & elderly.



Our youth coordinator organizes and involves youth participation in civic engagement & community service events that benefit our youth and their communities.



Our organization's end goal is to 'EMPOWER' each and every individual that participates in our programs by helping them become self-sufficient community members.



Who We Serve



Children (2 - 12 yrs)


Adults (25 - 64 yrs)

PJD-Youth Group.jpg

Youth (13 - 24 yrs)

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Elderly (65+)


Our Impact

Each year, we see more individuals getting involved with Proyecto Juan Diego, more participation in our programs, and more of an impact on the community. Between January 1, 2018 and December 1, 2018, we saw the following numbers.


Contacts: 49,658  |   Participants: 17,447   |   Home Visits: 3,000   |   Referrals: 527   |   Flu Vaccines: 250
New US Citizens: 469   |   Laboratory Blood Work: 1,987   |   Volunteer Hours: 4,870