Our Mission:

To Empower low-income families to be healthy and self-sufficient community members through educational programs, family activities and preventative health services.

Our Story:

Started in 2003 and did house to house surveys to find out the needs of the community from their perspective.


Major Focuses:

Integrated Family Program

Parenting, Mother and Child Development, Tutorial and Mentoring, Stress and Anger Management, Family Development.

Outreach and Civic Engagement

Citizenship, GED, English, Town Hall Meetings, Get Out The Vote (GOTV), Leadership Development, Youth Development.

 Health Care for Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes

Self-management classes for diabetic and pre-diabetic participants. Other Home Education and Healthcare topics.

Statistics 2017



Home Visits 4,500
Referrals 515
Flu Vaccines 250
New Us Citizens
Laboratory Blood Work 1,420
Volunteer Hours 7,000