Computers: A Key to Self-Sufficiency

Almost everyone can agree that knowledge of technology, especially computers, can lead to more success in the outside world. This is probably what some of our community health workers were thinking when they took a computer course run by volunteers Javier Maldonado and his cousin Ayled.

The course spread over five classes and the women were able to learn much from these two young adults and acquire skills that will follow them for the rest of their lives and allow them to become more successful.

The last class ended in a surprise - each student was presented with a computer of her very own, donated to them by Javier and Ayled. It was certainly a shock for these women who only expected to learn a few computer skills, not receive one to practice from home! The women, as well as Proyecto Juan Diego as a whole, was extremely grateful.

Thank you, Javier and Ayled, for the computers but, most importantly, your time. Over the span of only five classes, the two of you have taught skills that will allow these women to become more self-sufficient. Muchisimas gracias.