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The next elections:

November 6, 2018 - General Election
• Early Voting - October 22 - November 2
• During early voting the voter has the advantage of being able to vote in any voting booth.

For information about polling places, to know if you are already registered to vote or to make changes on your registration:

Contact the Elections Department at: 956-544-0809


Information about the vote- http://www.votetexas.gov/

Thank you for exercising your right to vote and make your voice count!

Each of the registered voters has an obligation to go out and vote, not only on behalf of ourselves, but also on behalf of our family and community.

Every year during the election season, Proyecto Juan Diego takes on the task of encouraging individuals like yourself, to help create changes in the laws that affect each in every one of us. You and everyone has a role to play in the fight for justice and one way to participate is by voting.
Thank you for being one of the many members of this community who come out to vote!

We hope you continue your commitment to the community and your county. One way to help all of us participate in the November election is for you to also invite people you know to participate by voting. We know that this method works because the experts call it the "relational vote", this happens when a person invites another person to vote, with whom they already have a friendly relationship.

So, we invite you and all the people you know to come out and vote in November and together we will generate a positive change in our country. We want to make sure that our voices are being heard and that the issues that matter most to us are addressed.

That's why remember that your vote is your voice!

Voting is the right and duty of all citizens. Invite your family and friends to come out too.

And once again thank you, for going out to vote.


Lupita Sanchez
Assistant Director, Proyecto Juan Diego