After School Tutorial Classes

Education is an imperative part of being successful in the rest of an individual’s life. Our tutoring program helps children who may be struggling in school and aims to lower the school dropout rates by offering them the support they may need. We provide homework and project assistance, physical activity, support groups, back-to-school camps, and lessons about self-esteem, self-awareness, and resiliency. We focus on improving reading and math skills while encouraging participation in creative activities such as drama, dance, and art.

General Education

Navigating the professional world is tough. Doing it alone is even harder. That’s why we offer classes to adults to assist in developing their professional skills. These classes include lessons in: activities to generate income (such as sewing classes), English, job skills (such as how to build a resume and how to interview), academic skills (such as time management and study habits), and various other small business presentations.


GED Classes

Many jobs require a high school diploma or the equivalent. Without these documents, people are forced to rely on one another. Our classes prepare individuals who have not completed their high school education to take the four basic state exams–science, math, reading and grammar, and social studies–in order to obtain their certificate. The teachers motivate the students to complete their preparation and walk with them through the process of the exams.


Citizenship Classes

Preparing for the U.S. Naturalization exam is no easy task. These classes are interactive, making learning the material needed for the exam interesting and entertaining. We cover everything from civics to the format of the exam, teaching participants their responsibilities to the local community and how to keep it more secure and stable. These classes fill up fast, but most alums of this program pass the exam and receive their documents!