Integrated Family Program

The goal and mission of the Integrated Family Program (IFP), is to educate parents on basic parenting skills, stress management, relationships, nutrition and finances. These classes teach and empower the families to communicate effectively and strengthen their family bond. In addition, the IFP helps children improve their academic performance and develop their non-cognitive skills such as problem solving and coping techniques which allow them to build self-esteem and resiliency.



Parenting, Basic Life Skills & Family Literacy Skills

In this program, we work to strengthen families by helping parents to develop stronger and more effective skills to raise their children. Throughout the program, we cover stress management, how to live a healthy lifestyle (including cooking, living, and exercising), communication (with partners, children, and others), finances, and child development.


Jugando con Proposito (Child Development)

Our child development class, also known as “Jugando con Proposito” (or “Playing with Purpose”), brings mothers and their child together through play. This class works to enhance the mother-child bond and while also giving moms the knowledge and skills needed to understand and support the child through their development stages.


Stress Management

This class educates participants about various relaxation techniques in order to reduce & manage the stress in their lives.

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Tutorial & Mentoring Program (School Kids at-Risk)

This program was designed for lowering the school dropout rates by giving at-risk students the support, knowledge and skills they need to successfully complete their elementary, middle and high school education.



Parent Training & Information Program (PTI)

This program provides parents with support groups, an educational specialist, and other local, state and national resources, with an end goal of making the most of their child’s education. 


Adult Program (For the Elderly)

Adults come to our center once a month for education, relaxation, reflection, exercise, arts and crafts, sharing and a healthy meal.