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Meet Milton L. Gonzalez

Mr. Milton Louis Gonzalez is one of three—that will speak at our conference (Empowering the Mindset for Success) in October. Mr. Gonzalez is a certified life coach and international motivational teacher with the John C. Maxwell team. He is committed to developing leaders of excellence and integrity by providing the finest resources and training for personal and professional growth.

Mr. Gonzalez has numerous accomplishments in the area of Education, Leadership Development and Motivational Teaching. Mr. Gonzalez is a TEDx presenter. His 12 minute talk “You Are What You Think” was globally broadcast and has been rebroadcast over 100 thousand times. He has been on stage and conducted workshops alongside award winning speaker Les Brown. Mr. Gonzalez was the AFLAC Latino spokesperson from 2012-2015.

Mr. Gonzalez has been an educator for 26 years. He has led educational institutions in both Mexico and The United States. He is currently the Executive Director at a Christian academy located in South Texas. He has a strong background in the Multiple Intelligence Theory, Differentiated Learning and the Early Detection of Childhood Depression.

He completed his undergraduate degree in Clinical Psychology at the Universidad Regiomontana in Monterrey, Mexico. He holds a Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling/Life Coaching at Liberty University. And he is currently working on a doctorate degree in traumatology at the University of Liberty.



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