Architectural design for Proyecto Juan Diego's future building (2019).

A new Home For the Whole Community

The new community building will consist of two-stories with offices and program spaces. It is a simple design but will be able to meet the high demand for services.

  • There will be a easy access to our property from Paredes Line Road, one of the main arteries of Brownsville. Increased off-street parking will welcome more participants to our programs. Access for persons with disabilities is included in all aspects of the facility.

  • Program spaces are adjustable to meet the needs of large groups (up to 80 persons) and private counseling sessions.

  • A dedicated space for the tutorial program will enhance the effectiveness of this program and will have easy access to outside exercise space.

  • A walking trail will benefit staff, participants, and local community members.

  • Advanced technology for distance/ teleconferencing healthcare for services will allow our professional healthcare partners to serve clients remotely, eventually including access to mental health services.

The new community building will allow for organizational growth without the need of future relocation or expansion, while also continuing to reach and serve larger populations.

Construction of the new building has begun. Currently we have raised $2.7 million. We have $1 million that needs to be matched by Christmas (of which we only have $100,000 thus far). We humbly ask you, for your support to help us to reach our goal of $2.7 million more.


Donate to the construction of the new community building, so that we may continue efforts to empower low-income families in Cameron county.