Our Classes and Activities

 Education for Adults

  • Fam.-pgm.-Grad-sm4.pngStress Management (Carolina Herrera):  This class covers many techniques wherein one can help oneself to relax and to reflect on life, family and work. It also offers massage techniques which are easily learned and very helpful for all members of the family.  A life lived with reflection is a life gained for the whole family.
  • Parenting Classes (Carolina Herrera):  They give different healthy tactics of administering discipline for the children.  It also helps parents assist their kids to reflect on their own lives. It provides ways to better understand the school system and assists the parents to gain stronger and clearer working relationships with school officials and teachers.
  • Playing with a Purpose (Carolina Herrera): Mother and child development classes incorporates all age levels and teaches the mom different techniques of recognizing the needs of the children and assists them to develop strategies to overcome those problems.  It does it in a way that is fun for the children but still builds relationships.
  • GED (Sister Irma Vargas, DC):  These classes prepare individuals who have not finished their high school for any reason.  It prepares them to take the 4 basic state exams in order to obtain their high school certificate. They cover science, math, reading and grammar and social studies. The teachers not only teach but also help motivate
     the students to complete their preparation and walk with them through the process of the exams.
  • Citizenship-1.pngCitizenship classes offered in English and Spanish (Paula Barrera):  These classes fill quickly; they are very interactive and interesting.  They cover civics and the Q & A of the examinations. Most individuals pass their exams and receive their documents. The participants learn their responsibilities to their local community and how to keep it more secure and sustainable.
  • Nutrition classes
  • Cooking classes (Blanca Escobar)
  • Aerobics and Zumba classes (Adriana Guerrero) - offered in the AM and PM
  • Home health education (all promodoras de salud)


  • DSCN0559_sm.jpgCommunity Activities (Lupita Sanchez):  This includes community activities to assist the community in teaching them their civic responsibilities and encourage them to vote. Lupita holds town hall meetings which address community problems and tries to encourage the community to engage themselves to come up with solutions. She also is encouraging the community to have cleaner and safer environments by providing trash and brush pick-ups and by running competitions about the cleanest compound in the colonia.  Recycling and dog control are also issues that are being embraced.
  • Civil Engagement/Get Out the Vote (Lupita Sanchez)
  • Adult (elderly) program (Lupita Sanchez):  Adults come to our center once a month for education, relaxation, reflection, exercise, arts and crafts, sharing and a healthy meal.
  • St Vincent de Paul Society (Sr Irma Vargas, DC): This society assists the poor in Cameron Park through home visits , evaluation of their needs and then with other members of their society decide what type of assistance to provide.  They make referrals to our agency and outside agencies for services needed.  They walk with the families and assist them to get on their own feet.
  • Immigration (Paula Barrera): Paula participates on a Valley-wide committee which covers various immigration issues and from that, she informs other PJD promotoras who in turn will educate the local community about legislation that will impact them.
  • Garden_sm.pngCommunity Garden (Paula Barrera): Various low income families participate in this enriching income generating activity. They also learn healthy foods and how to incorporate them into their family meals during this stressing economic status.
  • Community Parents Association (Adriana Guerrero)
  • Family Program (Mary Caballero and Sr Irma Vargas, DC): entire three year family program for low income participants. There is a set curriculum for each year. There are specific goals for each family each year so as to promote positive resulting behavior changes.
  • There is also AAA and a support AAA for wives of people who have specific problems.

Financial Assistance

  • Pharmacy Assistance program (Paula Barrera):  This program assists the low income families to obtain their prescriptions at a lower rate for chronic conditions.

Education for Children

  • After_School_Tutorial_sm.jpgTutorial after-school classes (Alicia Gomez) - offers academic assistance and support, exercise and other creative activities such as drama, dancing, field trips, art and photography, etc.  The tutorial program focuses on improving the reading and math skills of the children. There is also a parental component to this program.
  • Summer Vacation Bible School program (Carolina Herrera)