Residents learn effective ways to advocate for and work together to improve their shared neighborhood.


Outreach & Civic Engagement



Citizenship Classes

Preparing for the U.S. Naturalization exam is no easy task. These classes are interactive, making learning the material needed for the exam interesting and entertaining. We cover everything from civics to the format of the exam, teaching participants their responsibilities to the local community and how to keep it more secure and stable. These classes fill up fast, but most graduates of this program pass the exam and become naturalized citizens of the United States.


Spanish Language - GED Classes

Many jobs require a high school diploma or the equivalent. Our classes prepare individuals who have not completed their high school education to take the four basic state exams–science, math, reading and grammar, and social studies–in order to obtain their certificate. The teachers motivate the students to complete their preparation and walk with them through the process of the exams.


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Brownsville Border Youth Group (BBY)

This group was formed with a purpose of developing future leaders in our communities and building their leadership skills through participation in community events, civic engagement activities and leadership.


Community Outreach

We organize, educate and support community members to take action in solving issues that impact their shared neighborhood.



Get Out The Vote

The goal is to increase voter participation in local, state and national elections. GOTV activities encourage voters to be active and engaged citizens.

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St. Vincent de Paul Society

The St. Vincent de Paul Society provides basic help to families living in Cameron Park who request assistance due to an acute need. This service may include the payment of utilities or other basic needs. Committee members make home visits to those requesting assistance. Confidentiality is maintained and the visits are aimed at providing support and respect for the families.