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Below is a list of classes we offer at Proyecto Juan Diego (PJD).


Integrated Family Program

  • Parenting, Basic Life Skills & Family Literacy Skills
  • Jugando con Proposito (Child Development)
  • Stress & Anger Management
  • Tutorial & Mentoring Program (School Kids At-Risk)
  • Parent Training Information Center (PTI)
  • Adult (Elderly) Program

Health & Nutrition

  • Salud Y Vida (Diabetes Program)
  • Group Lifestyle Balance (Diabetes Prevention Program)
  • In-Home Prevention Program
  • Group Exercise Classes


  • After School Tutorial Classes
  • General Education
  • GED Classes
  • Citizenship Classes
  • 3-Step Program (English, GED, & Citizenship)

Outreach & Civic Engagement

  • Brownsville Border Youth Group

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